Without GTAs Western's Education Stops

Who we are

We are Graduate students, both Master’s and PhD, employed as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at Western. We are educated professionals with degrees in various academic disciplines. Many of us chose to join the academic world at Western over professional career providing high salaries and benefits.

We are the core of Western's graduate school forming a basis of the university's research excellence. We promote the university name on research forums and journals. As GTAs we mentor and guide students, run labs, mark exams and quizzes, grade assignments. GTAs are vital to the high quality education at Western University.

We are international and domestic students, spouses, mothers and fathers.

What we are doing

We demand respect and recognition of our value to Western University.

We come to Western to focus on research and academics. Increasingly, have to spend our time to finding affordable housing, cooperative roommates, searching for discounts, waiting for a student discount at grocery stores, and the impossibility to budget for travel home when necessary. Many of us take a student loan to cover the increasing gap between GTA income and expenses. Many do not have the option to take a student loan. Increasingly, we rely on limited food support and financial aid funds provided by our Union, PSAC Local 610.

As GTAs we have a legal right to bargain with Western. We ask not just a wage increase or better work conditions. Today we demand the basic respect and recognition of your value to Western.